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Latest Education News 11/06/2014

USA- Is anyone listening to teachers?

UK- Ofsted is poised for swift inspections, warns Wilshaw

India- High marks shock students, officials



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Latest PPTs Size(MB) Submitted by Category
Prime Numbers 1.8 Jyotirmayee Sahu Maths
Acceleration 0.75

Corina Waage

Locating an object - distance and displacement 0.9

Corina Waage

Resolving forces 0.16

Corina Waage

Speed and velocity 0.23

Corina Waage

Why the sky changes colour 12.6

Cyra P

Competitive_Examinations 1.6

D K Singhal

Continuous Verb Tenses 7.5 Aireen Laudato English
Simple Verb Tenses 0.5 Aireen Laudato English
Conjunctions 1.6 Aireen Laudato English
History of Animals
1. Animal Science
2. Domestication
3. Livestock Animals
4. Food and Labor
5. Animal Uses
6. Animal Uses (continued)
~50 total Megan Seneca Geography/
Maths test 0.3 Misha Mathew Maths
Sretches and Shears 0.3 Kausar Khan Maths weblink a searchable index of hundreds of educational sites Weblink


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