Free Maths powerpoints

Free powerpoint presentations on Maths.

Maths is the study of quantity, area, space, and change. Mathematicians consider that the universe cannot be read until we have learned the language and become familiar with the characters in which it is written. It is written mathematical language, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which means it is humanly impossible to comprehend a single word. Without these, one is wandering about in a dark labyrinth.

Below are a list of powerpoints.

These have been submitted by teachers to help other teachers. They can be used freely and modified to your own preferred format.

Please submit any powerpoints.

Anything you have also produced to enable other teachers around the world to benefit.


Very simple set of slides with equations and answers. Submitted by Staff. 

Teaches the vocabulary used in Algebra. Submitted by Cynthia Stulpin.

Teaches the definitions used in Algebra. Submitted by Cacsmc.

16 nice slides on Cartesian components and vectors. Submitted by Dee Kormaz

Excellent set of 113 slides! Aimed at beginners and leads through to more advanced. Submitted by Jennifer Jasensky.

Nice overview aimed at middle school. Submitted by Robert Clutter.

23 slides of questions and answers. More advanced level. Submitted by Kausar Khan.

CHECK LINK Submitted by Gouse Moinuddin

Nice set of slides. Submitted by John Korley.

Really nice set of 20 slides on the basics of bar graphs. Submitted by Princess Barcega.

Several slides on applying algebra to real scenarios. Submitted by Sallie Lee.

Several slides on basic algebra. Submitted by Monica

50 slides of revision. Submitted by D Kormaz.

Excellent set of slides. Submitted by Dianne Wager.

Very good set of 17 slides on Calculus etc. Submitted by John Korley.

About Benjamin Banneker who was called the first African American intellectual. Submitted by John Korley.

Some slides on advanced calculus. Submitted by Paula Compton.

Very nice set of slides on cones and pyramids. Submitted by Angela Arustei.

The basics of decimals and some questions. Submitted by Natasha Khimji.

Nice set of slides of division of decimals. Submitted by V R Murthy.

Great set of slides on his life. Submitted by Dianne Wager.

27 slides on constructing a quadrilateral. Submitted by Pratyush Negi.

7 slides on Arcs and Angles. Submitted by Jim Randle.

16 slides on what the title says. 🙂 Submitted by Barbara Vanatta.

10 slides on Exponential growth. Submitted by ShaneFods.

Slides on the basics of circles. Submitted by Ranjana Negi.

Easy to follow set of slides on circle terminology. Submitted by Miss Patel.

5 pretty basic slides that might be useful. Submitted by V R Murthy.

5 very simple slides that might be useful. Submitted by Emerlina Binuya.

Good set of slides to explain factors and multiples. Submitted by Usha.

Nice set of slides using the Milligan Method. Submitted by Dianna Wager.

Jeopardy game. Submitted by Andrew Godin.

Part of a set of 3 lessons on functions.

Good introduction to Length and Area. Submitted by Alison Diskin.

A beginners set of slides. Submitted by Robert Clutter.

A short basic set of slides. Submitted by Sallie Lee.

7 simple slides on radicals. Submitted by Esther.

Good presentation on functions. Submitted by Jim Randle.

Part of a set of 3 lessons on functions.

Excellent set of slides. Submitted by Mr Ryan.

Very good set of 18 slides. Submitted by shreyans Jain.

A simple set of 7 slides that may be useful. Submitted by Shane Fods.

Decent set of slides, but horrible FONT. Submitted by Mr Ryan.

Part of a set of 3 lessons on functions.

23 good slides on Congruence. Submitted by Miss Patel.

25 quickfire questions. Submitted by Madeleine Harding.

Good set of slides and questions. Submitted by Ranjana Negi.

Useful set of slides on how to graph equations and find equations from graphs and questions. Submitted by Simon Garvey.

4 very basic slides. Submitted by Shane Fods.

Several slides with multiple choice questions. Submitted by Sallie Lee.

Nice single slide with animations. Submitted by Rebecca Hood.

Very good slides on parrellel lines, interior angles, etc.  Submitted by Yogesh Punia.

Good slides that take you through a method on how to do long division.  Submitted by Yogesh Punia.

Solving inequalities. Submitted by Sandra Jarrell.

Nice set of simple slides with questions. Submitted by Dee Kormaz .

Good explanation of linear equations. Submitted by Shane Fods.

7 nice slides on logarithms. Submitted by Suresh Chelikani.

Slides on some of the most famous mathematicians. Submitted by Robert Clutter.

12 slides on the basics. Submitted by Randall.

7 nice slides on exponents. Submitted by Shane Fods.

Good slides on lines and angles. Submitted by Miss Patel.

Some more really good slides on lines and angles. Submitted by Miss Patel.

A bit of fun for the kids. Submitted by Debbie Taylor.

11 slides on proof.  Submitted by D. Kormaz.

Beginners level maths quiz.  Submitted by Manny Sahota.

Nice set of Matrix questions.  Submitted by Brandi.

10 good slides.  Submitted by V R Murthy.

8 good clear slides.  Submitted by Robert Clutter.

Good overview with just over 20 slides.  Submitted by Meredith Sanders.

Nice 9 slides of Matrices.  Submitted by Brandi.

Very good set of 43 sides.  Submitted by Robert Clutter.

Submitted by Cfolsom.

6 good slides. Submitted by Rudolph Massie.

Part 2 of a good overview with over 20 slides.  Submitted by Meredith Sanders.

6 slides on matrix transformation.  Submitted by kapil savjani.

5 nice slides on Powers.  Submitted by Brian W.

11 slides all about numbers.  Submitted by MS.

6 clear slides.  Submitted by Alison Diskin.

Easy to follow slides from Natasha Khimji

Submitted by Dan Ross.

  Submitted byTim.

Submitted by Robert Clutter.

Submitted by Esther.

Submitted by George.

Submitted by Jyotirmayee Sahu.

Submitted by Emerlina Binuya.

Submitted by Dianne Wager.

Submitted by Esther.

Submitted by Miss Patel

 Submitted by Tim.

Submitted by Ruyenna Caluyo.

Submitted by Esther.

Submitted by Jyoti.

Submitted by Kausar Khan.

Submitted by D Kormaz.

  Submitted by Shane Fods.

Submitted by G J Elms.

Submitted by Ron Galilei.

Submitted by Dianne Wager.

Submitted by Daniel Walker.

Submitted by john Korley.

Submitted by Shane Fods.

Submitted by Jennifer Jasensky.

Submitted by Rudolph Massie.

 Submitted by Esther.

Submitted by Ruyenna Caluyo.

Submitted by Lisa N.

Submitted by Jennifer Jasensky.

New Powerpoints and resources submitted.

Submitted by Karthikeyan Krishnamoorthy.