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Maths is the study of quantity, area, space, and change. Mathematicians consider that the universe cannot be read until we have learned the language and become familiar with the characters in which it is written. It is written mathematical language, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which means it is humanly impossible to comprehend a single word. Without these, one is wandering about in a dark labyrinth.

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Acceleration or equilibrium quizJohn Smith
Subtraction, Multiplication, DivisionSharon Jones
Algebra IR Staff
Algebra IRobert Clutter
Algebra ReviewCynthia Stulpin
Algebra RevisionKausar Khan.
Algebra addition and subtractionAhmed
Algebra Glossary and DefinitionsCacsmc
Algebra review and definitionsMonica Yuskaitis
Algebra Overview 2Monica Yuskaitis
Calculus Antiderivatives Differential Equations and Slope FieldsJohn Korley
Archimedes historyDianne Wager
Archimedies quizDianne Wager
Area Formulas 113 slides!Jennifer Jasensky
AreaJohn Korley
Benjamin BannekerJohn Korley
Benjamin Banneker quizJohn Korley
Bar Graphs and HistogramsPrincess Barcega
CalculusPaula Compton
Carl Friedrich Gauss historyJohn Korley
Cartesian componentsJohn Davies
Circle TheoremsJim Randle
CirclesRanjana Negi
circle terminologyMiss Patel
Circle theoremJim Randle
Common multiples and common Factors quizV R Murthy
Area and volume of cones and pyramidsAngela Arustei
Constructing a QuadrilateralPratyush Negi
DecimalsNatasha Khimji
Defining SlopeAndrew Godin
Directly and inversely proportional- equationsBarbara Vanatta
Dividing FractionsEmerlina Binuya
Dividing DecimalsV R Murthy
Exponential functionsShaneFods
Radical ExpressionsEsther
Formulas for GeometryMr Ryan
fraction decimal percent jeopardyAndrew Godin
Simplifying Fractions Jim Randle
Geometrical shapesRanjana Negi
Geometry of shapesshreyans Jain
GeometryRobert Clutter
geometry congruenceMiss Patel
graphing linesShane Fods
Graphs of Straight LinesSimon Garvey
GraphsSallie Lee
Exponential Growth and DecayShane Fods
Guestimate that sideJohn G
Hindu Mathematics- historyDeepthi sri
Jeopardy OperationsSallie Lee
Kinematics using graphsDee Kormaz
laws of exponentsShane Fods
Length and AreaYear 7
like and unlike termsRebecca Hood
linear equationsShane Fods
Lines and AnglesMiss Patel
Lines and AnglesMiss Patel
lines and anglesYogesh Punia
Long_Division_Can_Be_Easy_Yogesh Punia
Math Fact Review RapDebbie Taylor
Math Geometry VocabularyMeredith Sanders
Math vocabulary quizMeredith Sanders
Math vocabularyMeredith Sanders
Mathematical ProofD. Kormaz
Mathematicians famous from historyRobert Clutter
Maths InequalitiesDebbie Taylor
maths starter quizManny Sahota
Maths test quizJohn Smith
matrix operationsJim Bean
Matrix transformationkapil savjani
Mean, Mode, MedianRobert Clutter
mental maths quizMS
Midpoint formulaJack Jones
FactoringDianna Wager
Multiplication of FractionsBrian W
Multiplying DecimalsBrian W
Multiplying&DividingPowersBrian W
Order of OperationsRobert Clutter
Perimeter and areaRudolph Massie
Perimeter and MeasurementsAlison Diskin
Place Value with DecimalsNatasha Khimji
Polynomial Long DivisionGeorge
Prime FactorizationEmerlina Binuya
prime numbersJyotirmayee Sahu
prime factor treeTim
prime numbersTim
Protractor usageDan Ross
Pythagoras historyDianne Wager
Pythagoras quizDianne Wager
Pythagorean Theorum RevisedRobert Clutter
Rational exponentsEsther
rationalizing the denominatorEsther
Reflections presentationKausar Khan
Rene Descartes quizDianne Wager
Right Prism volumeRudolph Massie
Sequences - Finding a ruleD Kormaz
sequences summaryD Kormaz
series summaryG J Elms
SI UnitsG J Elms
Similar shapesDaniel Walker
simplifying expressionsShane Fods
Simplify RadicalsEsther
Sine and Cosine GraphsRuyenna Caluyo
Slope & Y-interceptLisa N
slopeShane Fods
Solve the Puzzle questions quizJennifer Jasensky
Solving equations by adding and subtractingJennifer Jasensky
squares and square rootsDianne Wager
Sretches and ShearsRudolph Massie
Matrix OperationsD Kormaz
Surface Area and VolumeJennifer Jasensky
Tangents of circleJohn Korley
The Pythagoras TheoremJohn Korley
The number trickJohn Korley
Toothpick puzzlesAndrew Godin
Translations presentationJim Randle
TranslationsJim Randle
TreasureHuntSequences quizRanjana Negi
triangle classificationshreyans Jain
Types of triangleRobert Clutter
Trigonometric Functions of Acute AnglesMiss Patel
Trigonometry-in-3DShane Fods
two source interferenceSimon Garvey
volume and surface areaJim Randle
Volume of a CylinderJim Randle
The World of TrianglesRanjana Negi
write equations foldshreyans Jain
writing linear equationsRobert Clutter

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