PowerPoint presentations can be a great way to enhance your English language skills and deliver effective presentations. Here are a few topic ideas for PowerPoint presentations on English:

  1. Introduction to English Grammar: This presentation can cover the basic components of English grammar, including parts of speech, sentence structure, and common grammatical rules.

  2. English Vocabulary Building: Explore strategies for expanding your English vocabulary, such as word roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Provide examples and interactive exercises to reinforce learning.

  3. Effective Communication in English: Discuss the importance of effective communication skills in English, including verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, and cultural considerations.

English powerpoint
English Language

Free powerpoint presentations on English Language

Feel free to learn and teach English using the resources below.

Below are a list of powerpoints.

These have been submitted by teachers to help other teachers. They can be used freely and modified to your own preferred format.

Please submit any of your powerpoints at the bottom of this page.

Anything you have also produced to enable other teachers around the world to benefit.

Title (click to download)Submitted by
A Christmas CarolFran Roberts
A brief history of communism in RussiaHelen Trevizo
A Sound of ThunderLisa Ward
AdverbsGolla Madhubab
Adjectives and adverbsTim
Adjectives form 1David Watuha Waneroba
Anthem by Ayn RandLisa Ward
AdvertisingPeter L
African American EmpowermentKathy
Animal FarmLisa Ward
animalfarm vs russian revolutionHelen Trevizo
animal farm1OW Holmes
Barack Obama
Basic Guide to Writing an EssayJerald&Mary
Bernice Bobs her Hair introTeresa Smith
Culture and Energy Consumption
Character and Leadership Development
Character Education Definitions
Characters Revealed 1 to 6
Collective Nouns (FlyingTogether)Sushila Naidu
ConjunctionsBen Swanson
ConnectivesAmy Druce
Continuous Verb TensesAireen Laudato
Criminology - Female Criminality
Conjunctions 2Aireen Laudato
Culture and Energy Consumption
Dreams of mice and men
Dante's Inferno
Descriptive WritingAmy Druce
DOL-week fo May 14-07
DOL-week of May 5
Drama language
Drama pptLisa Ward
Of mice and men Exam Questions Steve
English Exam Tips KS3Adam Thompson
English rules lesson 1-3Terrie Boston
English rules lesson 4Terrie Boston
English rules lesson 5Terrie Boston
English rules lesson 6Terrie Boston
English rules lesson 7Terrie Boston
English rules lesson 8Terrie Boston
Film Genres
Family Fluidity
FEARSTodd Mullins
Feminism- Cure or Curse
Flowers_for_Algernon_vocab_picsTerrie Boston
Folk Devils and Moral Panics' -
General StudiesArnolfini
General Studies what good art(4)
GraffitiMark Wain
Greek Cultural Contributions
Greek Mythology
greek tree
greek mythology
Human Rights - Nelson Mandela
High Price of Materialism
Hobbes and Engels
HobbiesTodd Mullins
Holes Letter to Stanley's mumJames Chambers
Holes Reply to stanley's letterJames Chambers
how to write a short storyJerald&Mary
Introduction to Crime and Deviance
Idiom DictionaryJoan Evans
Illegal drugs (mikeco v1)
Initial consonants
Initial vowels
Innovative teaching methods
Introduction Sociological vs common sense
Lord of the FliesJohn Duffy
Jane AustenLisa Ward
Jane EyreLisa Ward
jeopardy social studies of the US
Literature Terms
what is literatureGCMS
Of mice and men loneliness and isolationSteve
Muhammad Ali
Macbeth openingsJ Stoner
MacbethE Kaye
MorphologyGavin Lees
Of Mice and MenLisa Ward
Newspaper writingGavin Lees
NounsGavin Lees
Of mice and men themes violenceSteve
of mice and men DreamsSteve
GCSE Exam Paper 1
GCSE Exam Paper 2
Paper presentation how to presentBen Swanson
Parts of a SentencesIrene Hui
Past ModalsViviane Matos
Pencil_poemPeter L
Poetry3Gaile Wotherspoon
Poetic DevicesTricia
Poetic terms 2Tricia
Poetic termsTricia
Poetry and ArtGaile Wotherspoon
Poetry Power Point Presentation ObservationSarah Lewis
Poetry TermsSandra K Dow
Pop Music and Movies
Power of ReadingCabell Charles
Prepositions form 1
PrepositionsGolla Madhubabu
Presentations and Public Speaking
Pride and prejudiceChris Davies
PronounsGolla Madhubabu
Quick Writing
Racism and Language
Reading and writing vocabulary through word study and word reference materials
Reading to children
Reflective writing
Rhyme and meterAHS
Rock Against Racism
Romeo and Juliet A I-VTricia
Romeo and Juliet quotesTricia
Romeo and JulietTricia
Strong and weak verbsMA Chemmal
SATs Reading
SATs Reading
SATs Shakespeare generic
SATs Writing
Scary Monsters from world mythology
Schoolnotes.com presentation
SchoolSubjects_QuotesKen Kranz
Shakespeare lifeJeff
Shakespeare pages 726 - 730
Shakespeare SonnetsRoger O
Simple Verb TensesAireen Laudato
Social Science History of Islam
Spelling SpidersDavid Woricker
Test and exam strategies
The Characteristics of the Greek Hero
The CrucibleLisa Ward
The Fall of IcarusKelli Hicks
The Ideal SocietyKelli Hicks
The IEP (Individualized Educational Plan)Kathy
The Lady, or the TigerLisa Ward
The Masque of the Red DeathLisa Ward
The parts of speechBen Swanson
The ravenAnna Connolly
The Sound of Poetry
The Third WishTerrie Boston
The Trumpet of the SwansTammy
To Kill a MockingbirdLisa Ward
Traditional Marxism and crime and deviance
Writing_Good_EssaysBen Swanson
Unlocking Themes in MacbethNFDL
Verbs and tenses
What ifTodd Mullins
Why conversations wok from Gavin Lees
Writing A Good Book ReviewBen Swanson
Writing A Good EssayBen Swanson
Writing poetry

Please submit any of your own powerpoints using the form below. It is very much appreciated.

    Remember to use engaging visuals, clear explanations, and interactive elements in your PowerPoint presentation to make it more engaging and memorable.

    1. English Idioms and Expressions: Introduce common English idioms and expressions, their meanings, and how to use them appropriately in conversation.

    2. English Pronunciation and Accent: Explain the basics of English pronunciation, including vowel and consonant sounds. Provide audio examples and practice exercises to improve pronunciation.

    3. English as a Second Language (ESL) Teaching Techniques: Share effective teaching strategies for ESL learners, including interactive activities, games, and resources for language acquisition.

    4. English Language Varieties: Explore the different varieties of English worldwide, including British English, American English, and other regional accents. Discuss variations in vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

    5. English Language Learning Resources: Compile a list of useful resources for learning English, such as websites, apps, online courses, and language exchange platforms.

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