English powerpoint presentations to teach English ESL.



English powerpointsSizeSubmitted byDate
Adjectives and adverbs291 KBTim14/7/04
1. Preposition
2. Adjectives
3. Quiz
4.5 totalDavid Watuha Waneroba24/3/14
Adverbs222KBGolla Madhubabu29/11/09
Advertising 1.4MBPeter L29/12/05
African American Empowerment704KBKathy31/10/06
Bernice Bobs her Hair- intro1.9MBTeresa Smith1/3/10
Bullseye (UK TV Gameshow)
Bullseye (Audio)
10 & 17MB

Mark Wain

Countdown (Lite)8.4

Mark Wain

Child literature502KBTracy Bean23/3/07
Collective Nouns(Flying Together)920KBSushila Naidu1/3/10


D K Singhal

Connectives6.4MBAmy Druce25/12/06
Conjunctions56KBBen Swanson7/7/07
Conjunctions1.6Aireen Laudato23/4/16
Constructing sentences word document5.0Ahmad Bukhori Mohd Zain17/3/12
Continuous Verb Tenses7.5Aireen Laudato12/9/16
Crucible jeopardy 1.4MBGavin Lees1/4/06
Descriptive Writing351KBAmy Druce15/1/07
Elaborated Paragraphs288KBCynthia14/10/05
English rules lesson 1-3341KBTerrie Boston1/3/10
English rules lesson 4485KBTerrie Boston1/3/10
English rules lesson 5293KBTerrie Boston1/3/10
English rules lesson 6196KBTerrie Boston1/3/10
English rules lesson 7118KBTerrie Boston1/3/10
English rules lesson 81.0MBTerrie Boston1/3/10
FEARS0.5Todd Mullins15/09/13
Flowers_for_Algernon_vocab_pics697KBTerrie Boston1/3/10

Mark Wain

Guide to Essay writing88KB 7/3/05
How to write a story233 KBJerald&Mary14/7/04


Learning English- download both files by rightclicking and save target as. Files are english and sound
Hobbies1.9Todd Mullins15/09/13
Idiom Dictionary521KBJoan Evans23/3/07
Morphology 186KBGavin Lees1/4/06
Newspaper Writing 144KBGavin Lees1/4/06
Nouns 78KBGavin Lees1/4/06
Past Modals1.24MBViviane Matos9/5/10
Parts of a Sentences.05Irene Hui29/9/11
Pencil Poem 1.3MBPeter L29/12/05
Poetic Devices535KBTricia25/11/04
Poetry264KBGaile Wotherspoon20/6/07
Poetry and Art117KBGaile Wotherspoon20/6/07
The Sound of Poetry140KBGaile Wotherspoon20/6/07
Parts of a Sentences.05Irene Hui29/1/12
Poetry Vocab188KBJessica14/10/05
Poetic Terms1205KBTricia25/11/04
Poetic Terms22.2MBTricia25/11/04
Power of Reading283KBCabell Charles2/11/08
Presentations and Public Speaking62KBBen Swanson7/7/07
Pronouns80KBGolla Madhubabu29/11/09
Prepositions222KBGolla Madhubabu29/11/09
The parts of speech179KBBen Swanson7/7/07
Proof Reading 94KBSean29/12/05
Quick Writing1.18MBPamela Glover05/11/07
Rhyme and meter148KBAHS7/3/05
Simple Verb Tenses0.5Aireen Laudato27/4/15
Spelling Spiders7.7MBDavid Woricker29/11/09
SchoolSubjects_Quotes2.0MBKen Kranz29/11/09
strong and weak verbs74KBMA Chemmal28/1/09
The IEP (Individualized Educational Plan)2.0MBKathy31/10/06
The Raven62KBAnna Connolly15/2/07
The Third Wish667KBTerrie Boston1/3/10
What if2.5Todd Mullins15/09/13
Word study- reading and writing vocab151KBKathy31/10/06
Writing A Good Book Review85KBBen Swanson7/7/07
Writing good essays1.6


D K Singhal

Writing A Good Essay60KBBen Swanson7/7/07
English Exam tips (KS3) 56KBAdam Thompson1/4/06
EXAM paper- English Lit GCSE41KBAndrea Lownes8/10/06
EXAM paper- English  GCSE paper151KBAndrea Lownes8/10/06
EXAM paper- English  GCSE paper250KBAndrea Lownes8/10/06
EXAM paper- English  SATS Reading47KBAndrea Lownes8/10/06
EXAM paper- English SATS writing43KBAndrea Lownes8/10/06
EXAM paper- English SATS Shakespeare generic31KBAndrea Lownes8/10/06
Initial Consonants 1.2MBKim29/12/05
Initial Vowels 639KBKim29/12/05
Character Education Definitions 67KBEdward Anderson15/05/06
Character and Leadership Development 232KBEdward Anderson15/05/06
Character Education Citizenship 144KBEdward Anderson15/05/06
Character Education Compassion 102KBEdward Anderson15/05/06
Character Education Responsibility 153KBEdward Anderson15/05/06
Character Education   Fairness 138KBEdward Anderson15/05/06
Character Education Perseverance 81KBEdward Anderson15/05/06
Character Education Respect 127KBEdward Anderson15/05/06
Character Education Self-discipline 112KBEdward Anderson15/05/06
Character Education Trustworthiness 112KBEdward Anderson15/05/06


SociologySizeSubmitted byDate
A New Government for the USA3.4MBAlicia Grabianowski15/4/16
Bruce Lee768KBMike Cowley1/4/09
Barack Obama798KBStacey Jones5/4/09
Cartoon Quiz 1.4MBRik G29/12/05
Christmas Celebrations92KBRob Clutter11/1/09
Christmas Food370KBRob Clutter11/1/09
Christmas Traditions229KBRob Clutter11/1/09
Christmas around the world225KBSanta25/12/06
CRIME AND DEVIANCE – 1971KBMike Cowley1/4/09
Criminology – Female Criminality575KBMike Cowley1/4/09
Core democratic values3.29MBLina Speirs9/5/10
Culture and Energy Consumption0.37T’rahjey Askia Tacori9/5/10
Film Genres1.2MBMike Cowley1/4/09
Feminism- Cure or Curse2.5


Dinesh Gunathilaka


Folk Devils and Moral Panics’ –1.2MBMike Cowley1/4/09
Folk Devils and Moral Panics’ –Stanley Cohen1.1MBMike Cowley29/11/09
Functionalism and the Roots of Sociology316KBMike Cowley29/11/09
Family Fluidity56KBKeithpkelly29/11/09
General Studies Arnolfini479KBKeithpkelly29/11/09
General Studies what good art(4)4.1MBKeithpkelly29/11/09
High Price of Materialism6.4MBKeithpkelly29/11/09
Hobbes and Engels352KBKeithpkelly29/11/09
Human Rights – Nelson Mandela378KBMike Cowley1/4/09
Illegal drugs (mikeco v1)408KBMike Cowley29/11/09
Introduction Sociological vs common sense2.3MBMike Cowley1/4/09
Introduction to Crime and Deviance955KBMike Cowley1/4/09
jeopardy game- social studies of the US521KBMandy Osterhart15/1/07
Lesson about Nothing337KBCindy Bass18/12/07
Muhammad Ali415KBMike Cowley1/4/09
Pop Music and Movies807KBMike Cowley29/11/09
Pop Music and Movies807KBMike Cowley29/11/09
Racism and Language591KBMike Cowley1/4/09
Rock Against Racism304KBMike Cowley1/4/09
Saint Patrick 2.1MBJosh Durey15/5/06
Symbols of xmas149KBSanta25/12/06
Traditional Marxism and crime and deviance421KBMike Cowley1/4/09
The truth behind xmas598KBSanta25/12/06
Wedding in Pakistan11MBAmmad ud din29/11/09
December Kwanzaa121KBRob Clutter11/1/09
December Hanukkah152KBRob Clutter11/1/09