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Animals and Plants.

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Free animals&plantspowerpoints

Animal and plant PowerPoints are presentations or slideshows that provide information about animals and plants, respectively. They are typically used for educational purposes to share knowledge and teach others about different species, their characteristics, habitats, life cycles, and other relevant information. These presentations may include images, diagrams, videos, and text to enhance the learning experience.

In an animal PowerPoint, you might find slides dedicated to different animal groups such as mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. Each slide may include details about the animal’s physical features, behavior, diet, reproduction, and interesting facts. The presentation may also highlight specific examples of animals within each group.

Similarly, a plant PowerPoint would focus on various types of plants, including flowering plants, trees, shrubs, and non-flowering plants like ferns and mosses. Each slide may provide information about the plant’s structure, growth patterns, adaptations, reproduction methods, and ecological significance. Additionally, the presentation may showcase different plant species and their unique characteristics.

The content and format of animal and plant PowerPoints can vary depending on the intended audience and purpose. They are commonly used in schools, universities, and nature centers to educate students and the general public about the rich diversity of the animal and plant kingdoms.

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Adaptation in animalsKatherine White
Adaptation in animals2Katherine White.
Adaptation-KS4Teresa Middleton
All about the PancreasSagar Kansal
anaerobic respirationNalford
Animal Adaptations 1Sei Mei Li
Animal Adaptations IISei Mei Li
Animal Behavior PowerpointCarolyn Kinne
Animal breedsMegan Seneca
Animal Reproduction PP Part 1Megan Seneca
Animal Reproduction PP Part 2Megan Seneca
Notes on birdsJackie
BotanyBen Friedman
Classification of AnimalsSei Mei Li
Classification of plants
classificationParesh Mahawar
Diversity of life part 1
Diversity of life part 2
Diversity of life part 1
Environment and feeding relationships 1Stu S
Fertilizers and PesticidesIC Smith
Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, birds, and mammalsMeredith Sanders
Five Kingdom ClassificationMohit Sahu
Food Chains and WebsKatherine White
Food Production & the environmentTeresa Middleton
food pyramidCarolyn Kinne
Food SafetyNancy Hackmann
Food web of the ArcticMeredith Sanders
Food WebsCarolyn Kinne
FossilsCarolyn Kinne
Growing PlantsHina Hashmi
History of plant pathology lecture
hunters and gathers
In Their Natural Habitats
Intensive farming
Interactions of Life-Communities
Introduction to Plants
Kingdom Protista
Leaf Structure and Photosynthesis
leaf structures
lower plants
Natural Vegetation
Our Earth’s Resources
Plants 2
plants 3
plants general
Pollination and Fertilisation
Predators and Prey
Puccinia fungus
Reproduction in plants
Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Simple Animals
Sumac Tree
Spiders and Insects
symbiosis 3
Symbiosis and Homeostasis
symbiosis 2
The Influence of Human Activity on the Environment
Trees as Homes
Global Warming
Animal ScienceMegan Seneca
Animal Uses part1(2)Megan Seneca
Animal Uses part2(2)Megan Seneca
DomesticationMegan Seneca
Food and LaborMegan Seneca
Evolution in present timesGwyneth Morrison.
Livestock AnimalsMegan Seneca
Sea OtterOtto

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