Free Physics powerpoints

Free powerpoint presentations on Physics.

Physics is the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy. Physics is the natural science that studies matter, its fundamental constituents, its motion and behavior through space and time, and the related entities of energy and force. It is the science that deals with the structure of matter and the interactions between the fundamental constituents of the observable universe

Below are a list of physics powerpoint presentations.

These have been submitted by teachers to help other teachers. They can be used freely and modified to your own preferred format.

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Title (click to download)Submitted by
acceleration or equilibrium practice quizBarbara Vanatta
AccelerationAccelerationCorina Waage
AccelerationBarbara Vanatta
Direction of acceleration due to gravityBarbara Vanatta
aircraft classificationsAntonio
Altitude of a rocket- mass vs initial speedBarbara Vanatta
Atmospheric pressure
balanced forces pptDebbie Durack
Balanced ForcesR Tyler
basic electricityWilliam Allan
basic electricity2William Allan
basic electronicsWilliam Allan
basic electronics2William Allan
William Allan
bug windshieldBarbara Vanatta
Days, nights, years, satellitesK Dawson
Defining the AtomTiffany Toledo
Determining the number of wavelengths in a wave diagramBarbara Vanatta
Determining wave frequency from a graphBarbara Vanatta
Derivation Applications of Bernoulli PrincipalMichael Marty
Locating an object - distance and displacementCorina Waage
Electric MotorPrincess Barcega
Electronic devicesKumar Sai Bas
Edison's bright ideaPeter L
Electric circuitsStephen Morris
Electric MotorBobbi Martin
Electrical Circuits 2Mell Conway
Electrical SafetyBreed
Electricity introChantelle Naomi
Electricity PracticalJacob Israel
Electricty PresentationHina Hashmi
Electromagnetism + bellKrishna Sunki
Electronic devicesBen Zalewski
Electronic devices2Jacob Israel
emission spectraJon
Energy and changeWilliamallan
energy in the homeWilliam Allan
energy mattersGEIms
Energy transferDebbie Durack
EnergyCurtis Morgan
Fission and FusionMell Conway
Force DiagramsD Kormaz
Force_MotionHina Hashmi
forces introductionBip Chak
fossil_fuelsWilliam Allan
Fuel CellJacob Israel
GammaHina Hashmi
Gas pressure & volumeWylie&Sam
Gas Temperature Volume and PressureKiran Pandey
Gases and their usesBen Friedman
Gravity and Circular Motion RevisionTehlu Singh
Gravity and Inverse Square Relationships NISBarrie Hughes
gravityMichael Marty
Guestimate that sideBarbara Vanatta
healthM Reynolds
Heat Transfer ReviewWilliam
HeatDemetrios Xeroulis
HouseholdElectricityBen Friedman
How a Refrigerator WorksMichael Marty
How Lightening WorksAndrea&Co
How Lightning WorksMell Conway
HydraulicsMichael Marty
Introduction to Oscillations and Simple Harmonic MotionVicinator
Ionising Radiation and Living ThingsAlison Diskin
Kinematic Equations NIS grade11physics reviewChristy Mckinzie
Kinematics using graphsHina Hashmi
LED PresentationDebbie Durack
lensesMell Conway
Light refraction and lensesParveneh&Co
lightBaldeep Singh
Locating an object - distance and displacementMike B
MagnetismAnant Pande
Magnetism3Mell Conway
Mass Force and GravityMell Conway
matter and the particle model pptAndy
Medical Uses of Ionising RadiationK Dawson
MicrowaveBarbara Vanatta
motionBarbara Vanatta
motion2Barbara Vanatta
newtons lawsrajaiah kaitha
NMR diagnosisHina Hashmi
NMRDebbie Durack
Nuclear Reactions AnswersLech Jedral
Nuclear Reactions QuestionsPY
Particle model conductionPY
Phases of the moonMell Conway
position vs time graph- Reading positionDasari Gopi
position vs time graph stopped objectsCorina Waage
position vs time graph which oneD Kormaz
Power and measuring itMell Conway
Pressure & water pressureMichael Marty
pressure and momentsEric
projectile motionSawhney Singh
Quantum generalPete
Quantum physics generalMike Davies
Radioactive DecayWilliam Allan
Resolving forcesWilliam Allan
resultant forcesWilliam Allan
RoboticsWilliam Allan
Rutherford ScatteringWilliam Allan
Satellite Orbits and Uses NISSylvia
sound and lightElliot
spectrallinesTiffany Francis
Speed and velocityD Power
Spherical mirrorsJohn
Starter conductors and insulatorsYenny Tiga
StaticL Com
The Left Hand Rule( for motors)Mell Conway
transportMichael Marty
Types of EnergyEric
Velocity vs time graphCorina Waage
Velocity vs time graph-area under the curveSawhney Singh
Velocity vs time graph-slopePete
Visible light and ColorMell Conway
WavesMichael Marty
XRayCorina Waage
Electronic devicesSawhney Singh
Electronic devices2Pete

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